From Dorothy Kaneko: Left, Mr. Sarai (a relative who made shoyu); three at right, Mrs. Sarai, Mr. Fukuda (who sold shoyu at his store) and Mr. Akagi (who had a garage)

More Akagi garage photos. In search of the identity (switching to great-grandfather's driving) Updated: 10/14/04


The Akagi garage in Portland


The Nitta children in kiddie car at Akagi garage.




From Donna Tamaki, Dec. 8, 2000

I think I'm the one on the right and the other, I'm sure, is Diana. Cherie is three years younger and would have been just a toddler then. I have two other snaps taken at the same
time, I think, of Diana and me. Was that after you were discharged from the army, Paul? I have so many pictures taken in front of LaSalle Mansion with so many different people. My grandfather bought it so that people who relocated to Chicago after WWII had a temporary place to stay while looking for a job. The Resettlers Office (now the JASC) was just down the street, I think.




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