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The Morita family

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New: Art Shibayama's life in video

First wave of Moritas -- Kashichi and Seki Morita, left,

and Mototsugu and Masano Morita, right.

U.S. history and FDR involvement with Japan and Japanese Americans

Before the War

Carolyn Takagi Brady's Web page with many Hood River photos

                                            Tsuu obasan (Aunt Tsuu Sakakiyama)(Posted: 3/6/13)

This photo was in Mr Hachiya's memorabilia. I have no idea of when it was taken, but I would guess at about the time of Grandpa and Pop's first entry into the U.S. Pop must have been around 17 or so.   They would have had to report to relatives in Japan that they had made the transition.  -- Claude Morita

During the War

In front of the barracks at the Minidoka internment camp

Bronze replica of the Congressional Gold Medal awarded to the
442nd Regimental Combat Team, of which Paul Morita was part

  • The Camps: Tule Lake, Minidoka. Outside Building 68 at Tule Lake; What is in a number? Photo of Paul holding baby Diana at Minidoka (Updated: 2/10/10)



    Slideshow of a celebration of Art Shibayama's life shown at his funeral Aug. 25, 2018, in San Jose, California

    At the Peru Kai reunion in Honolulu on Oct. 7, 2006

    After the War

       Bill Hidaka service (Posted: 2-28-11)

     Download hi-res portrait of Fumiko by M. Hauser (click here)   Tributes, communications: Fumiko Terada funeral services; Betty and Junior's 50th; Ruth Hidaka and Dorothy Kaneko funeral services; Photos of Betty and Art Shibayama's 50th anniversary; Paul Morita funeral service; Happy Birthday to Fumiko; Some Photos of Ojichan-Obachan's 60th anniversary (Updated: 11/29/10)



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