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Hello everyone, Thank you all for attending the zoom memorial. It meant a lot to us that you were there.
Honestly, it was nice knowing that our mother was loved and that we were supported by our friends and loved ones.
If you were unable to attend the live meeting because the link was not sent to you, maybe a conflict of time,
or if you want to watch it again, I have attached a link at the bottom of this email.
There are also separate links to the slideshow and Hiraru's video.

Karen and Arnold

Memorial Service:

Slide Show:

Amazing Grace:

From Betty Shibayama, Dec. 16, 2000:

Obachan and her sisters were "lookers" and were known in the community as the three Sakakiyama Beauties. Mrs. Yamamoto was much younger.

Obachan's oldest sister was Mrs. Hashimoto and her daughter, Kazuchan

Michioka told me that Ojichan used to tell her and her husband, Dr. Michioka, about his "story" of desiring Obachan's two older sisters, and after each one "tired" of waiting for him and married, he was "stuck" with Obachan.

Kazuchan told me, confidentially, that Ojichan, actually, got the best of the three, because not only was she beautiful outside but she had an inner beauty.

She said that she could not describe it but "it" shown through in her eyes.

(Something that her mother lacked, she admitted. Her mother was, supposedly, the most beautiful among the sisters.)

I told her that it was her faith and Kazuchan agreed with me.


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From Teresa Takaki Matsushima, Kevin's cousin on the Kaneko side, Jan. 14, 2001:

I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I were at the Japanese American National Museum this past weekend and we saw a photo of your jichan, Mr. Mototsugu Morita there. There is a B/W photo in 1954 of a citizenship class in Chicago and he is in the top row on the left side of the photo.  I am positive it was him. Just thought your family would be interested in this info. If you ever have a chance to go there, it is really a nice museum and everything is done so well.  


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