Letter from U.S. Rep. Patsy Mink

November 6, 2000


Thank you for your June 10, 2000, letter. I apologize for my staff's woeful neglect in responding.

These Latin American AJA's filed suit and then settled with the U.S. government for payment of only $5000. I was shocked to learn of this settlement, but of course, could understand why they agreed.

Now, it seems to me, if they settled, they do not have standing to ask the Congress for more. If your brother in law, Arthur Shibayama and his sister Rose did not accept the settlement, they have every right to fight for justice.

I strongly supported the drive for equity from the very first time I heard of the egregious omission of Japanese Latin Americans from the 1988 Civil Liberties Act which successfully gave $20,000 redress to each person interned during WWII.

Very truly yours,

Patsy T. Mink

Latin American Japanese internment

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