By Ruth Hidaka

The humiliating part of camp life for me was that there was no privacy,

especially in the bathrooms...I try to forget those humiliating moments

but hopefully, by sharing with others those memories will vanish!! What

I enjoyed the most about camp life was the fact that we were able to

attend classes and to meet so many beautiful people. We have made life

long friends there who shared the hardships in a concentration camp and

made the best of it. The life we led in Hood River before the war built

our character through hardships, close family ties, parental guidance and

strict school systems but in a small prejudiced community. When we

relocated to Chicago., it broaden our horizons. It was completely

different from a small farming community to a huge metropolis in the

Midwest but we persevered and we are where we are today by being a

close-knit family. All the money in the world cannot replace the love of

my brothers and sisters who have supported one another through our

lifetime .... we were fortunate too that we had grandparents living with

us ... how many can say that?

Memories of Early Days

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