Fumiko Terada’s memories

As recalled by Diana M. Cole


I remember the sad time I was not able to finish high school because of a lack of money. The three of us, Great Grandmother, grandmother Morita and I had a very hard time making ends meet.

Instead, I decided to go to junior high school for two years and then attend teachers college for two more years. I was able to secure my tuition by promising to teach for 3 years after graduation.

One of the happiest moments of my life was when I met my brother, Claude, for the first time. To have the opportunity to meet my own flesh and blood sibling was something very special.

Claude arrived at the school where I was teaching and took me for a ride in his military jeep. I think the children were very surprised to see me riding in an American vehicle. They may have thought that I was being arrested by the military authorities.

Another happy experience was my return to America. Being treated by my brothers and sisters as another family member was something I felt very happy about.

When I came to America among my many adjustments was the request of my mother to become Christian since she felt that my conversion would be advantageous for my children. I remember being scolded many times by my husband for having relinquished my original faith, Buddhism.

However, as a result of my conversion to Christianity, I learned about a God who accepts everyone regardless of his or her sins. My life has been blessed with the knowledge of a God looks out for my welfare and as a result, I feel the bounty of his care.

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