at Tule Lake


Champions – Juniors (Left)

First row: B. Tomita, T. Kiyama, J. Tsujisaka, S. Mitsui, S. Yoshimura Second row: M. Keiunji, K. Kashiwabara, J. Kiyama, Y. Fukuda, J. Kajikami Third row: G. Goto, W. Okuda, L. Kurahara, M. Mayeda, G. Fujira

Consolation Winners – Sophomores (Right)

Sitting: T. Ota, J. Mizouye Standing: G. Tanaka, S. Enkoji, S. Muraki


Seniors (left)

Sitting: H. Ota, B. Hayashida, L. Seto Standing: J. Enomoto, G. Matsui, M. Mochizuki, A. Sugiyama

Freshmen (right)

First row: B. Watanabe, A. Hyosaka, T. Hosokawa, F. Fujimoto, R. Iwata Second row: T. Okamura, N. Terada, S. Takemoto, H. Iwata, J. Higaki


Boys’ Sports

Football was the first sp;ort which was played by the Tri-Staters. Nearly all students participated in touch football in their respective P.E. periods.

The basketball highlight of the season was the two-day interclass tournament under the supervision of the P.E. Department. The juniors, coached by Jim Kajikami, captured the tourney by a comfortable margin. The consolation prize was taken by the sophomores under the coaching of Tad Matsushita. (Each of these two winners received a trophy with the player’s names on them.)

With the arrival of new baseball equipment, the Boys’ League sponsored the successful softball interclass tournament. By virtue of a win over the freshmen, the juniors went on to win the championship by again defeating the seniors 6-to-2.


Relaty Team

J. Nakaoki, B. Matsumoto, C. Kurahara, L. Kurahara, S. Yoshimura

Distance Runners (left)

Yosh Hada, Aki Hada

Cup Winners (right)

L. Kurahara, K. Oda, T. Fujino, Mgr.


Norman Yasui

Tule Lake

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